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How To Improve The Security Of The Power Adapter From The Design? ------ANENPOWER

Good quality Wall Mount AC/DC Adapter for sales
Good quality Wall Mount AC/DC Adapter for sales
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How To Improve The Security Of The Power Adapter From The Design? ------ANENPOWER


Sometimes we watched news that a certain electrical appliance in a certain area caused fire and death, and the accident caused by electric leakage caused by leakage of certain products. In fact, these problems can be avoided, and the above problems of the power supply products are all defects in the design structure of the product, or it is to cut corners during production. So as a power adapter manufacturer, how should we improve the security of the power adapter from the design ?

How To Improve The Security Of The Power Adapter From The Design? ------ANENPOWER


The power adapter mainly has the following 7 major dangers.


1. The danger of heat (that is, the shell of the product that we usually touch when used is very hot, and the product will cause burns if it is overheated);

2, the risk of electric shock (that is, the leakage phenomenon that occurs in our use, resulting in electric shock);

3, the danger of fire (products directly fire, often encountered home appliances);

4, mechanical hazard (product sharp angle, resulting in easy injury);

5, radiation risk (such dangers can not be touched, only use less to reduce such risks);

6. Energy hazard (the energy of the product is too high, resulting in accidental injury to the user);

7. Chemical hazard (material problem, material harm to human body).

How To Improve The Security Of The Power Adapter From The Design? ------ANENPOWER


The harm of a product is mainly as above. If all the products can solve all the problems, then this product can be used safely for the user. Among them, we focus on the electric shock hazard in the structural design of the product today. Other hazards are required to check the technology test before we know that the symbol does not meet the requirements. The danger of electric shock can be solved by the front end of product development.

The danger of causing the user's electric shock is mainly due to the insufficient safety distance of the product. What is the safety distance? The safety distance standard is a conclusion that is determined by strict experimental certification in order to ensure a safe distance for the user.

The safety distance of the product does not meet the requirements of the standard, which directly determines whether the product is in danger of electric shock. In fact, if you want to solve this problem, you can avoid the following design.

How To Improve The Security Of The Power Adapter From The Design? ------ANENPOWER


1. The distance between the power adapter's live wire (L) and the neutral wire (N): the general requirement is 2.0mm clearance and the creepage distance is 2.5mm.

2, the power adapter fuse between the two pins: general requirements for electrical clearance 2.0mm, creepage distance 2.5mm;

3. Between the high voltage part of the power adapter and the low voltage output part: the general requirement is 4.0mm clearance and the creepage distance is 5.0mm;

4, the power adapter transformer between the primary and secondary: general requirements for electrical clearance 4.0mm, creepage distance 5.0mm;

5, the first high voltage part of the power adapter to the outer casing: generally requires an electrical clearance of 4.0mm, creepage distance of 5.0mm;


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