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Charger, Power Adapter, What's different? ------ANENPOWER

Good quality Wall Mount AC Adapter Industrial/ ITE for sales
Good quality Wall Mount AC Adapter Industrial/ ITE for sales
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One-stop manufacturer of IT, medical, LED and AV switching power supplies. Save our times and cost, PERFECT !!!

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Charger, Power Adapter, What's different? ------ANENPOWER
Charger, Power Adapter, What's different? ------ANENPOWER


Nowadays, there are more and more electronic devices in people's lives, and there are various chargers and power adapters . Although they have been charging them all the time, there are many people who cannot clearly distinguish the difference between the two. Some even think that the two are the same thing. But in fact, although the charger and power adapter are similar in function, there are still differences. Here, ANENPOWER will teach you how to distinguish between the two.



The common power adapter on the market is a power converter that is transformed, rectified and regulated. The output is DC. It can be understood as a low-voltage regulated power supply when the power is satisfied. Its role is to convert 220 volt AC high voltage into a low voltage current of 3V to 24V for electronic equipment, and is often referred to as an external power supply.



The charger usually refers to a device that converts alternating current into low-voltage direct current. The charger is a dedicated DC power supply for rechargeable batteries. It includes a current limiting circuit and a voltage limiting control circuit that meets charging characteristics. It generally charges the battery directly, without passing through any intermediary devices and devices. The most common thing in everyday life is the mobile phone charger and the electric car charger.



The power adapter is a conversion to other appliances and is generally a constant voltage source output. The adapter usually only provides a DC power supply of several mA at around 5V, and it can be charged with the charging control circuit. The charger is a constant current-constant voltage-turbulent flow, a three-stage intelligent charging, which uses a constant current charging, then a constant voltage charging, and finally uses a floating charge for maintenance charging. And the charger can directly supply power to the battery, which is the main difference between the two.



Can you distinguish between the charger and the power adapter now? Don't make mistakes when you want to use it.

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