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Does The Power Adapter Plug In The Socket And Consumes Power?

Good quality Medical Power Supply for sales
Good quality Medical Power Supply for sales
Thanks for your invitation to visit your factory, Nice looking and give me good impression.

—— Mr. Stefan Vogeler

A very clean and professional factory, whose products almost include global certification. Working with you has saved me a lot of energy and time costs, and I really enjoy working with you!

—— Mr. Edvinas Jurgelionis

Your UL/IEC 60601 certified medical AC/DC adapters is excellent, with complete certification and competitive prices. The boss is also very kind and professional, and we look forward to further cooperation!

—— Mr. Martin Branch

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Does The Power Adapter Plug In The Socket And Consumes Power?
Does The Power Adapter Plug In The Socket And Consumes Power?


With more and more electronic devices around us, a variety of power adapters are naturally inevitable. For the convenience of charging, many of us like to plug the power adapter into the socket, but it will be slow even if the device is not connected. Slow power consumption, then why does the power adapter consume power when it is empty?



Most power adapters belong to the switching power supply. The 220V is first rectified into DC power, then converted by high frequency, and coupled by pulse transformer, and unidirectional rectified output is low voltage DC. Even if there is no output current, the high frequency conversion section is still working and needs to consume some of the power. For example, the control circuit in the charger is mainly whether the sensing device is connected to the power adapter, and the control circuit is also working when the power adapter is not connected to the device. For example, the load component (the indicator light of the individual charger) is also working when plugged in the power supply, and also consumes part of the power. In short, devices such as chargers will inevitably consume power when plugged into the power supply.

Does The Power Adapter Plug In The Socket And Consumes Power?


Because the state specifies that the rated output current of the power adapter should be in the range of 500 mA to 1500 mA, as determined by the manufacturer. The power consumption is less than 150 milliwatts at no load energy consumption of the power adapter. The regular chargers we use will basically meet the relevant national standards, so the power consumption is not very large. However, it is a considerable amount of money to count on the whole country.

In response to energy conservation and environmental protection, and cater to market demand, the power adapter products of ANENPOWER Power Adapter manufacturer have been fully upgraded to six-level energy efficiency, higher efficiency, lower no-load power consumption, more energy-saving and safer.

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