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Is The Power Adapter A Switching Power Supply? What Is The Difference Between The Two? ------ANENPOWER

Good quality Medical Power Supply for sales
Good quality Medical Power Supply for sales
Thanks for your invitation to visit your factory, Nice looking and give me good impression.

—— Mr. Stefan Vogeler

A very clean and professional factory, whose products almost include global certification. Working with you has saved me a lot of energy and time costs, and I really enjoy working with you!

—— Mr. Edvinas Jurgelionis

Your UL/IEC 60601 certified medical AC/DC adapters is excellent, with complete certification and competitive prices. The boss is also very kind and professional, and we look forward to further cooperation!

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Is The Power Adapter A Switching Power Supply? What Is The Difference Between The Two? ------ANENPOWER
Is The Power Adapter A Switching Power Supply? What Is The Difference Between The Two? ------ANENPOWER



Is the power adapter a switching power supply? What is the difference between the two?



Power adapters and switching power supplies often have a lot of customers. The two are confused. They are not very well separated. Now ANNPOWER editors will compare with you to see how the two are different. I hope to help everyone.



1, characteristics:


The characteristics of the power adapter are: the power converter (AC to DC), from AC to DC, and then through the computer, it can not protect the computer, but there is a storage device (also called charger) in the computer, so Protect your computer during power outages.


The characteristics of the switching power supply are: high-speed switching and cut-off by the circuit-controlled switching tube. The direct current is converted into high-frequency alternating current and supplied to the transformer for voltage transformation, and then one or more sets of voltages are required to be generated! The reason for the frequency AC is that the power of the high frequency AC in the transformer transformer circuit is much higher than that of the 50HZ. Therefore, the switching transformer can be made very small, and the operation is not very hot!! The cost is very low. If the 50HZ is not changed to high Frequency switching power supply does not make sense.


Both the switching power supply and the adapter are switching power supplies, which are composed of a high frequency switching tube and its control circuit. The power adapter is a regulated switching power supply, and the switching power supply has a floating charging function. The voltage becomes larger as the current becomes smaller. In the end, as long as the voltage is no current.




2, the difference:


Switching power supplies are a large class. The power adapter is attributed to the switching power supply.




3, the operating principle:


In reality, most of the power adapters we are exposed to are switching power supplies. Switching power supply refers to a power supply that controls the output voltage of a switch after being registered and turned off by modern electronic technology. The switching power supply of the power adapter is generally composed of a pulse width modulation (PWM) control IC and a MOSFET. Advantages: The conversion power is high, the volume is small, and it can work in a wide voltage range.




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