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Is there a difference between a wall plug power adapter and a desktop power adapter? ------ANENPOWER

Good quality Medical Power Supply for sales
Good quality Medical Power Supply for sales
Thanks for your invitation to visit your factory, Nice looking and give me good impression.

—— Mr. Stefan Vogeler

A very clean and professional factory, whose products almost include global certification. Working with you has saved me a lot of energy and time costs, and I really enjoy working with you!

—— Mr. Edvinas Jurgelionis

Your UL/IEC 60601 certified medical AC/DC adapters is excellent, with complete certification and competitive prices. The boss is also very kind and professional, and we look forward to further cooperation!

—— Mr. Martin Branch

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Is there a difference between a wall plug power adapter and a desktop power adapter? ------ANENPOWER
Is there a difference between a wall plug power adapter and a desktop power adapter? ------ANENPOWER


The Power adapter has a wall-mount power adapter and a desktop power adapter, and the wall-mount power adapter is also known as a wall-mounted power adapter. In fact, it can be explained simply that the wall-mount power adapter is the power adapter that the main body can be directly plugged into the board. The desktop power adapter is the power adapter that the main body needs to be placed on the desktop. The difference between a desktop power adapter and a wall plug power adapter is that the desktop power adapter requires an AC cable to be connected to the mains.



Power adapters are widely used in security products, communication products, and small household appliances and consumer electronics. Especially in portable consumer electronics and communication products, they are generally less than 10W, such as smartphones and tablets. -10W power adapter power supply, while computer peripherals, security products, small household appliances products generally use 36W power adapters, especially in today's energy-saving energy conservation and environmental protection, this power segment products are the most common. Notebooks, TVs and other products generally use power adapters below 120W, while more than 100W use built-in power supply. But there are also external power adapters below 200W. But the number is relatively small.



Generally, the wall-mounted power adapter is more than 36W. The power adapter is characterized by the fact that AC wire is not needed, which saves the cost and saves space. It does not need to place the power of the countertop cargo space, and is directly inserted into the plug-in board. Safety. There are a few power adapters with a power rating of 36W or less. This is generally due to the fact that the use of the product is far from the AC card or because the power adapter is bulky, the quality is heavier, or the power adapter has a heavier weight. For example, a multi-port USB power adapter, in order to avoid the use of the above plugged USB products, resulting in unstable insertion. And a power adapter larger than 36W is not suitable for wall-mounting. Because of its large size and weight, so the desktop is generally used above 36W.



In the early days, we were much more connected to linear power supplies. For example, the repeater used in the last century. The single-player has a bulky power supply. You may also encounter embarrassing situations that fall directly from the top of the board because of the unstable insertion. However, with the development of technology. As energy is becoming more tense, energy efficiency requirements are getting higher and higher, consumer electronics have high efficiency for power adapters, wide input voltage range requirements, and increased copper, iron and labor costs. Most of these linear transformers are gradually being powered by switching power supplies. Replaced by the adapter.




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