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Select the power adapter to determine these three adaptation conditions

Good quality Wall Mount AC Adapter Industrial/ ITE for sales
Good quality Wall Mount AC Adapter Industrial/ ITE for sales
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Select the power adapter to determine these three adaptation conditions
Select the power adapter to determine these three adaptation conditions


As smart devices continue to increase in functionality, their power consumption is starting to get faster. People are getting used to carrying portable chargers or power adapters with them. For many people, the concept of a power adapter only stays at the charger stage, but in reality the power adapter is a transformer that is used in a large number of chargers. People who are unfamiliar with power adapters often have to face what kind of power adapter is used for charging.



The power adapter has a variety of parameters, so the adapter cannot be used to charge. Before selecting a power adapter, first determine the three adaptation conditions.
  First, the interface of the adapter matches the device;
  second, the output voltage must be the same as the rated input voltage of the load (mobile device), or the voltage range that the load (mobile device) can withstand, otherwise the load may be burned (mobile device) ;
  third, the output current should be equal to the power adapter, the load current is greater than (the mobile device) to provide enough power;



Here to analyze the condition of the above-described three adaptation.

  First, the mismatched interface should not be inserted without professional knowledge, otherwise it will be dangerous.
  Second, for the reason why the voltage is consistent, in principle, this is the case - the voltage is not enough to drive the load, the battery can not be charged properly, the popular point is that supply is in short supply.

  Third, for the reason why such a current configuration is required, this involves the principle of the circuit. Everyone knows that the power supply has an internal resistance, and the larger the internal resistance, the greater the loss. Therefore, when the manufacturer produces this adapter, it will determine the no-load output voltage within a certain range according to the internal resistance. The current threshold corresponding to the voltage threshold is the nominal value of the current we see. The current value is higher. The greater the adapter load capacity, the better. So choosing an adapter with a slightly larger current will not only damage the battery, but will make charging faster.



  This article outlines how to select the power adapter according to your needs, and gives three easy-to-understand selection conditions, and then explains the three conditions separately, which is very suitable for novices to read. I hope that everyone will gain something after reading this article. Xiaobian will also bring you more basic knowledge.



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