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Three Major Factors Affecting Mobile Phone Charging. ------ANENPOWER

Good quality Wall Mount AC Adapter Industrial/ ITE for sales
Good quality Wall Mount AC Adapter Industrial/ ITE for sales
Thanks for your invitation to visit your factory, Nice looking and give me good impression.

—— Mr. Stefan Vogeler

A very clean and professional factory, whose products almost include global certification. Working with you has saved me a lot of energy and time costs, and I really enjoy working with you!

—— Mr. Edvinas Jurgelionis

Your UL/IEC 60601 certified medical AC/DC adapters is excellent, with complete certification and competitive prices. The boss is also very kind and professional, and we look forward to further cooperation!

—— Mr. Martin Branch

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Three Major Factors Affecting Mobile Phone Charging. ------ANENPOWER
Three Major Factors Affecting Mobile Phone Charging. ------ANENPOWER


The phone can't be charged, the charging speed is too slow? What is the reason? What are the factors that affect the charging of mobile phones? How to improve the charging speed of mobile phones? Next, the power adapter manufacturer will introduce the three major factors that affect the charging of mobile phones.



1. Power adapter. Whether the output power of the power adapter can meet the needs of the mobile phone is the key to normal charging. The output current of the selected power adapter should be equal to or greater than the charging current of the mobile phone. There is a common misunderstanding here. Some people think that a high-power charger will burn the phone or overcharge the battery. In fact, the output current of the power adapter is its maximum output. The actual input current when the phone is charging is determined by the control circuit of the phone. , not determined by the power adapter. When selecting a power adapter, it is recommended to select a power that is a little larger than the requirements of the mobile phone. Therefore, for the power adapter, there is no full-load operation, and the current output is more stable.



2. Data line. The data cable is connected to the charger and the mobile phone. Because the data line has resistance, a voltage drop will occur on the data line. If the resistance is too large, the power will be largely lost on the data line. Affect the charging speed, the copper wire inside some roadside data lines on the market is very thin (the finer the resistance value is), or even pure copper (such as copper clad aluminum), the resistance is very large, which may cause your charging speed to change. Slow, even unable to charge.



3. Charging mode. If you use improper methods of charging, you may also be limited by the charging current, which will make your power adapter's power too large to function. There are two kinds of common current limiting. One is charging in data transmission mode. The current will be limited to 0.5A. It is common in office crowds that use computer USB ports to charge mobile phones. The easiest way to solve this problem is to put data. The line is replaced by a special charging line. In addition, many mobile phones now support fast charging mode, and sometimes users need to choose whether to enter fast charging mode. Regarding the charging of mobile phones, I would like to say that I hope that the information provided by the power adapter manufacturers can help everyone.


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