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What Is The Impact Of Charging An Electronic Product With An Oversized Charger? ------ANENPOWER

Good quality Wall Mount AC Adapter for sales
Good quality Wall Mount AC Adapter for sales
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What Is The Impact Of Charging An Electronic Product With An Oversized Charger? ------ANENPOWER
What Is The Impact Of Charging An Electronic Product With An Oversized Charger? ------ANENPOWER


With the increase of electronic products around us, daily charging has become the norm. When charging, we often have mixed chargers, such as charging the iphone with the Ipad charger. So what impact does this have on the battery of an electronic product? What happens if you charge with an oversized charger? Next, the power adapter manufacturer will discuss this issue with everyone.



The parameters above the charger are called rated voltage and rated current. The rated voltage refers to the operating voltage of the charger when it is charging. The rated current indicates the maximum current allowed when the charger is charging. The internal resistance of the battery is increasing during the charging process, so the current is different from the voltage, and the basic trend is getting smaller and smaller, which is why the front charge is fast when charging, and the harder it is afterwards.

What Is The Impact Of Charging An Electronic Product With An Oversized Charger? ------ANENPOWER



Therefore, the way of charging the battery is actually constant voltage charging. When the voltage and current parameters are accurate, when the charger is mixed, the first thing to ensure is that the voltage must be completely consistent. Because the voltage is too high, it will overcharge and cause an explosion or fire. If the voltage is insufficient, it will not be charged. For current, ensure that the rated current of the charger you are replacing is greater than or equal to the original charger current, because the rated current is the maximum current allowed, but it does not mean that the maximum value will be reached when charging. When your battery is charged, the internal resistance will automatically drop the current. It is not charged at a constant current with a rated current. However, it is not possible to charge less than the original charger, because the output capability of the replaced charger is not enough at this time, and may not be filled or filled or the charging time is extremely long.



For example, many mobile phone chargers output 5V-1A, while the computer USB port is 5V-500mA. So you can either use the charger to charge or use the computer USB, but the computer is obviously slow. Therefore, if you charge with a super-standard charger, you should pay attention to the current can change, the voltage must not work, I hope that ANENPOWER's advice can help everyone.



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