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Why Is The Same Power Adapter, The Price Gap Is Very Big? ------ANENPOWER

Good quality Medical Power Supply for sales
Good quality Medical Power Supply for sales
Thanks for your invitation to visit your factory, Nice looking and give me good impression.

—— Mr. Stefan Vogeler

A very clean and professional factory, whose products almost include global certification. Working with you has saved me a lot of energy and time costs, and I really enjoy working with you!

—— Mr. Edvinas Jurgelionis

Your UL/IEC 60601 certified medical AC/DC adapters is excellent, with complete certification and competitive prices. The boss is also very kind and professional, and we look forward to further cooperation!

—— Mr. Martin Branch

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Why Is The Same Power Adapter, The Price Gap Is Very Big? ------ANENPOWER
Why Is The Same Power Adapter, The Price Gap Is Very Big? ------ANENPOWER


Buy a Power Adapters online , you will find that the price gap is still very large, the same power of the power products, the price can sometimes differ by as much as tens of dollars. Why is there such a situation? So where is the price difference? We will find a national standard and non-standard power supply for comparison, to see the difference between the two.



The difference International Standard power adapter Non-standard power adapter
Printed board High temperature resistant, flame retardant, shock resistant, environmentally friendly, fiberglass pcb sheet Thickness is not up to standard, sheet is thin, flammable and fragile
Components Brand components, automatic patch, high performance, high temperature aging The components are prone to heat, the performance is unstable, the work is cut, the vibration is easy to fall off.
transformer Pure copper, good electrical properties, low loss, large current capacity, strong thermal stability Copper clad aluminum, low electrical conductivity
shell Flame retardant material, high temperature and flame retardant, beautiful surface and toughness Non-flame retardant material, poor temperature resistance, flammable casing
power cable National standard pure copper wire, plug flame retardant, safe and reliablewith standard0.5 mmm2 wire diameter Ordinary non-standard line, wire impurities, wire, easy to heat
welding Fully automatic wave soldering, the solder joints are round and shiny Solder joints have seams, poor soldering, easy to connect short circuit
fan High quality fan durable and good heat dissipation High noise, poor wind speed, easy card, some chargers or even no fans
Electric conversion rate The conversion rate is over 95% , the input power is about260W , and the power is saved. The conversion rate is about 65% , the input power is 380W , and the power is charged.


Compared with the national standard certified power supply, the non-standard power adapter is a lot worse in material selection and workmanship, and the money should be saved a little from here.


Professional manufacturer you can find us: www.anenpower.com


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